From the beginning of our activities, we have been seeking to expand gradually, solidly and safely. We are inspired by the progress of technology; helping our clients understand the market, protecting their assets and thriving in the face of great investment opportunities is what motivates and moves us.


The purpose of Unick is to teach as many people as possible to invest better and better.

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We live in a digital world with millions of possibilities.

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Building a fairer and more accessible financial future for our clients is what drives us.


It is a decentralized financial market for foreign exchange transactions, currently the largest market in the world in terms of liquidity.
It handles the equivalent of 5 trillion dollars daily. According to data from 2007, it handled about 3.43 times more than the sum of all bond markets in the world.


Created in 2009, Bitcoin is the first decentralized currency.
Currently there are over 1500 different cryptocurrencies, and with a Market cap of approximately 300 billion dollars, they conquer their space in the asset market more and more each day.

Buy And Hold

Buy and Hold is the act of buying an asset and "holding" it for the long term in order to benefit from the income and valuations that the asset will eventually present in the future. There are a number of reasons that make Buy and Hold a successful strategy. One of them is saving up on transaction costs, for example.


In the financial market, arbitration consists in taking advantage of the price difference of the same asset between two markets. It is a reduced risk process, in view of the lower market exposure, normally carried out between stock exchanges, foreign exchange markets and exchanges.

Day trading

Day trading is a very short-term operation with the purchase and sale of the asset in the same trading session or in the buying and selling one. The goal is to gain in price variation quickly with the fluctuations. The referred operations are made in financial markets, derivatives and virtual currencies.



We have been operating in the market since 2013; currently, we offer exclusive content on the international financial market.
With our highly experienced and committed team of professionals, we have won the trust of over 40,000 clients.

High Liquidity

In addition to the results generated by the sale of our products, we also work on our Day-Trading results, which potentiate our profits in an expressive way, bringing liquidity and greater assurance to our customers when it comes to profitability.


Our partner S.A. CAPITAL is a private Brazilian Multinational that provides a real guarantee for our clients, making their risk margin equal to zero.


Company Overview

Operating in the main capitals of the world, Unick uses Multilevel Marketing as top growth strategy, providing clients with a complete platform of resources and deep knowledge about the international financial market.

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Relationship with the client

We serve our clients in a transparent and ethical way, we seek to understand their profiles and needs, so that our relationship becomes as positive, productive and fair as possible.

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